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Learn more about how our values guide our work. Choose from a variety of opportunities to deepen your connection and volunteering experience. Participate in hands-on volunteering with Jewish educational opportunities, or join discussions to better understand the complex systems we face and the services we provide.

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Dignity is foundational to how JFS provides its services.

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Reflection & Education

Prepare for or reflect on volunteering around the Jewish holidays using these discussion resources:
Rosh Hashanah

You can also reflect on food security with the following resources:
Food & Dignity
Food & Health

Ways to Deepen Your Experience

  • B’nai Mitzvah Project

    Check out our B’nai Mitzvah guide, which helps tweens and their families take on this momentous Jewish lifecycle event while weaving in volunteer opportunities and Torah food for thought. Read the guide or click below to connect with us!

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3153.

  • Food Drive & Food Sort

    The JFS Community-Wide Food Drive kicks off with announcements at Rosh Hashanah and culminates with the Food Sort after Yom Kippur. The Food Sort is an excellent opportunity for individuals, families, and groups to help the Polack Food Bank sort and organize thousands of pounds of donations. A special thank you to our dedicated volunteers and community partners who step up each year to make this all possible.

    The 2023 JFS Community-Wide Food Drive begins Friday, September 15, and culminates with the Food Sort on Sunday, October 15.

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3153.

  • Professional Mentor for Refugees

    Mentors help support and coach highly-skilled individuals in reestablishing their careers in the U.S. Mentees in the program have advanced degrees and years of experience in a professional field. The benefits of a one-on-one relationship include expansion of professional networks, trust with an industry expert and the opportunity to learn from one another. The professional mentor role is one of shared responsibility and mutual benefit. We are often looking for professionals from, but not limited to: Law, Engineering, Computer Science / Information Technology (I.T.) / Data Analytics and/or Business Management.

    Three hours per month minimum, for a six-month minimum commitment (exact time commitment will vary from month to month based on individual needs).
    Remotely from home.
    Refugee & Immigrant Services

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3153.

  • Shabbat Meal Delivery

    Volunteers make contactless deliveries of Kosher Shabbat meals to community members two Fridays per month.

    Approximately two hours twice a month for a minimum six-month commitment.
    Meal pick up from the University District and delivery to an assigned route in the Greater Seattle area.
    Older Adult Services and Supportive Living Services.

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3153.

  • Summer Market Gleaning

    Volunteers collect, transport and sort gleaned produce at the end of the market day. Volunteers should be able to lift at least 25 pounds for this opportunity.

    One two-hour shift.
    Beginning at the Broadway Farmer’s Market in Capitol Hill, then delivering to the Polack Food Bank (ten-minute walk or five-minute drive away).
    Polack Food Bank

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3153.

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