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Learn more about how our values guide our work. Choose from a variety of opportunities to deepen your connection and volunteering experience. Participate in hands-on volunteering with Jewish educational opportunities, or join discussions to better understand the complex systems we face and the services we provide.

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Dignity is foundational to how JFS provides its services.

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Reflection & Education

Prepare for or reflect on volunteering around the Jewish holidays using these discussion resources:
Rosh Hashanah

You can also reflect on food security with the following resources:
Food & Dignity
Food & Health

Ways to Deepen Your Experience

  • Food Drive & Food Sort

    Help support the Polack Food Bank during our annual Community-Wide Food Drive, which officially begins with announcements at Rosh Hashanah and culminates at the Food Sort.

    The Food Sort is a one-day event at the end of our Community-Wide Food Drive. Hundreds of volunteers come to our donated warehouse space to help sort and organize Food Drive donations.

    Learn more about what food and toiletry donations the Polack Food Bank needs. Donation can be made year-round.

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3155.

  • Professional Mentor for Refugees

    Mentors help support and coach highly-skilled individuals in reestablishing their careers in the U.S. Individuals in the mentorship program have advanced degrees and years of experience in a professional field. The benefits of a one-on-one mentor relationship are twofold — access to an industry expert and expansion of professional networks.

    We are often looking for professionals from, but not limited to, the following careers:

    • Law
    • Engineering
    • Computer Science / Information Technology (I.T.)
    • Business Management

    Hours and Commitment

    • Three hours per month minimum. Exact time commitment will vary from month to month based on individual needs.
    • Six-month minimum commitment.
    • Location will vary depending on your and the mentee’s availability.


    • Coach individuals on how to best expand their professional networks, including suggesting organizations and events, as well as making relevant connections within your own network.
    • Prepare an individual on the specifics of your field in the U.S., different possible career paths within the industry and skills that will help make them more competitive.
    • Support and guide an individual through the career process and expand their opportunities. Many highly skilled refugees are overwhelmed by both the options and the obstacles that stand between them and reestablishing their career.
    •  Check in monthly with the Employment Case Manager to keep them updated on the progress of your mentorship.


    • Interest in working with refugees and asylees.
    • Patience, follow-through and tenacity.
    • Ability to mentor on a consistent basis.
    • Be culturally sensitive, respectful to people and supportive of the JFS mission.

    Learn more about Refugee & Immigrant Services.

    Contact us at or (206) 861-3155.

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