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The Jewish community understands what it is like to leave one’s home and resettle in a foreign land. That historic experience fuels our desire to help refugees and immigrants make a successful transition to self-sufficiency. Our culturally diverse staff is recruited directly from the communities we serve.

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Your support is urgently needed for families arriving from Afghanistan and other countries.

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A Refugee Story

Mitra tells her family’s story of navigating their way to America.

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Beyond Resettlement

JFS works with HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, to resettle refugees assigned by the U.S. Department of State. We provide a required set of services from pre-arrival through the first 90 days of the resettlement period. But, our work with our new neighbors extends far beyond that initial three-month period, from Day 91 through citizenship. JFS provides holistic case management and education services to helps refugees, immigrants and asylees to become economically, socially and civically integrated in our community.

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Social Integration

  • Resettlement
    Refugees from all over the world are supported and encouraged as they integrate successfully into their new environments. Learn more with our Refugee Resettlement FAQ.
  • Language Classes
    English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes are offered at varying levels.
  • Intensive Case Management
    We provide comprehensive, long-term case management to refugee and asylees who face additional barriers to stability including single-parent households, members of the LGTBQI community, and those with complex medical and mental health needs.
  • Women’s Empowerment Programming
    Recognizing the increased cultural, social and systemic barriers that immigrant women face, RIS’ Women’s Empowerment Programming promotes gender equity through a three-pronged model that provides individualized case management, education workshops and social support through peer networking.

Economic Integration

  • Employment Services
    We assist with job readiness skills, employment counseling, and job placement and retention support. Comprehensive case management is provided to remove barriers to employment and includes services such as low-income housing applications, assistance with medical appointments and referral services.
  • Career Re-entry Services
    We support refugees and asylees who have international professional experience as they work to return to their career field in the United States. Individualized case management and career guidance is coupled with coaching and support from volunteer mentors.
  • Workshops
    We provide workshops to support the economic integration of refugees and asylees. Workshop topics include professional career re-entry, financial literacy, preparing for retirement and more.

Civic Integration

  • Citizenship Services
    We provide assistance with naturalization applications as well as classes to prepare for the citizenship exam.
  • Immigration Legal Services
  • Asylum Support Program
    We provide legal assistance and case management support to those seeking asylum to ensure that they are able to fully realize their legal and social rights through the asylum process. Limited support is available to other immigrants of humanitarian concern, including survivors of labor or sex trafficking, torture, or certain types of serious crime. In addition to legal assistance, JFS also offers case management support to ensure that survivors are connected to needed services as community members. Learn more with our Refugee Resettlement FAQ.


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