Board of Directors

Michele Rosen

Marty Nelson

Rochelle Goffe
First Vice President

Richard Gumpert

Laurie Minsk

Gail Mautner
Immediate Past President

Michael Adler
Karyn Barer
Michael Bernstein
JoAnn Forman
Barrie Galanti
Karen Mayers Gamoran
Gail Giacobbe
Dawn Gold
Carol Gown
Josh Herst
Scott Jacobson
Wendy Kaplan
Margot Kravette
Eric LeVine
Avi Lipman
Ed Malakoff
Joan Morse
Greg Schechter
Katja Shaye
Don Shifrin
Carol Sidell
Ray Silverstein
Noah Tratt
Alisa Weise

Living Our Own Lives: Leaving Russia as a Jewish Family

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