JFS helps vulnerable individuals and families in the Puget Sound region achieve well-being, health and stability. We provide effective services to people of all backgrounds and also provide services to meet the particular needs of Jewish individuals and families in the region.

Children & Youth

JFS provides services that enable each child to feel loved, cared for and valued by the community.

Young Adults / Singles

JFS is committed to offering programs in a safe, supportive, nurturing context that allows Generation Next to grow, learn and flourish.

Couples / Relationships

JFS can help you find connections to self, others and community at every age and stage of life.

Parents & Families

JFS wants to ensure that all members of the Jewish community have access to education, counseling and support for all family life issues and personal crises.

Aging Adults

Essential services for older adults challenged by aging or disability, support for family members and caregivers, in-home care tailored to meet the needs of patients and family alike, even meaningful ways to connect with community for healthy, active adults age 60+.

Counseling & Addiction Services

We focus on recovery and healing for people with mental health challenges, physical or social stressors, addiction and past or current trauma.

Refugees & Immigrants

The Jewish community understands what it is like to leave one’s home and resettle in a foreign land. That historic experience fuels our desire to help refugees and immigrants from all cultures around the world.

People with Disabilities

JFS brings hope and a higher quality of life to people with cognitive disabilities, including developmental disabilities, persistent mental illness and brain injury.

Emergency Needs

JFS offers basic emergency services, food bank resources, support to victims of domestic violence, alternatives to addiction and counseling support to those with the most critical needs in the community.

Upcoming Events

Parent Support Group

December 13, 2018

Kosher Food Bank

January 2, 2019

Kosher Food Bank

January 2, 2019

NAMI Family Support Group

January 2, 2019

Exploring Dignity – Tu B’Shvat: Renewal & Rejuvenation

January 7, 2019