Counseling & Addiction Services

Counseling & Addiction Services focuses on recovery and healing for people with mental health concerns, physical or social stressors, addiction, and past or current trauma. Through individual and/or group therapy, counselors help to address mental health symptoms, build skills around managing emotions and develop pathways toward resiliency. We assist members of the Jewish community, as well as people in the general community impacted by trauma, poverty and disability.

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JFS provides addiction services that meet people where they are.

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Child & Youth Therapy

We specialize in services for youth who have experienced trauma.

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Addiction Services

Addiction services at JFS are designed specifically to increase awareness, expand understanding and offer a culturally sensitive therapeutic response to addiction within the Jewish community. Services include:

  • Navigation support to help people find inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Additional support for those currently undergoing intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Sobriety maintenance.
  • Harm reduction that focuses on safety, support and motivational interviewing to help people still engaging in behaviors think through their experiences and goals on a path to change.
  • Exploration of underlying issues, like trauma, that may be driving behaviors.
  • Family support counseling that includes education and tools to be effective when a loved one is struggling with addiction.

More Ways to Get Help

  • Individual Counseling

    We provide up to six months of individual counseling for people age 7 and older. We will partner with you to create a tailored treatment plan, carefully identifying and addressing your goals.

    Our counselors, including an addiction specialist, have training in a variety of therapeutic methods, such as Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). You and your therapist will decide on the tools and techniques most appropriate to meet your needs.

  • Group Counseling
    Peers often learn as much, or even more, from each other as they do from professionals. This concept of community learning and social support is central to our philosophy. We offer groups focused on building skills around stress-reduction, trauma-coping, mindfulness and interpersonal connection.
  • Child & Youth Counseling
    We specialize in services for children and youth, ages 7 to 17, who have been impacted by domestic violence or other trauma. Our goal is to help children and youth reclaim some control and be the expert in the own experience.
  • Paying for Counseling

    We offer sliding-scale rates for self-pay clients and are in-network with the following insurance providers:

    • Regence
    • Kaiser Permanente PPO (formerly Group Health PPO)
    • Premera
    • Lifewise
    • First Choice PPO
    • Molina (Medicaid)
  • Community Outreach
    Invite us to come speak at your school, organization or company about topics surrounding mental health. Our goal is to help expand community awareness and compassion about addiction, domestic violence and mental health concerns. We offer a personalized approach to education and therapeutic support through partnering with communities (both Jewish and beyond) on tailored groups, workshops and trainings.

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