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The Angel Band Project for Support and Healing

A Way Through Uncertain Times: A Music Therapy Workshop for Support and Healing

The Angel Band Project Workshop is a free music therapy group for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.
This workshop is in partnership with Project DVORA.

This 8-week workshop uses the non-verbal expressive medium of music, verbal processing, and group support to find a way through these uncertain times as you continue to heal your heart and life.

The group meets every week with the support of a board-certified music therapist and Domestic Violence Advocate. No music experience is required.

Вересень 12 – Жовтень 31
10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
This workshop is only being offered virtually.  Registration is required to attend.

Register by emailing Kim Holland at kholland@jfsseattle.org, with subject line: Angel Band Project. Please provide your name and a safe email and safe phone number. Deadline to register: Серпень 29, 2023

There are limited spaces, and we will connect with you if we aren’t able to admit you into the program. We require at least 7 registrants in order to offer this program, so we will notify you if it is canceled.

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