Huduma za Uimarishaji wa Jamii

The Community Stabilization Services (CSS) program helps people achieve stability and well-being by providing food, financial assistance, and social support services.

Jewish history and values guide our work. We are committed to meeting the most critical financial assistance needs of Jewish families and individuals within our Community Stabilization Services program.

Msaada wa Kifedha

We offer short-term, limited financial assistance to households with Jewish member(s) to cover unexpected financial shock, such as job losses, interruptions in income, or unexpected expenses that threaten a household’s stability.


Benki ya Chakula ya Polack

The Polack Food Bank is open three days a week. You may select the foods you prefer from the choices available in the Food Bank. Typically, you can choose from multiple varieties of canned fruits, vegetables, tuna, soup, and beans as well as fresh produce, eggs, lean meats, and dairy. As with all food banks, we cannot guarantee the quality of food distributed, although our goal is to distribute nutritious food of good quality.


Saa za Benki ya Chakula ya Polack

Jumatano: 10:00 asubuhi - Saa sita mchana
Alhamisi: 2:00 - 4:00 jioni
Ijumaa: Saa 10:00 asubuhi - Saa sita mchana

Karibu kwenye familia!

Tafadhali chukua muda kutujulisha mapendekezo yako ya barua pepe.

Wasiliana nasi

Tafadhali chagua idara ambayo ungependa kuwasiliana nayo.

Kumbuka: Ukomo wa herufi 500.