Individual Portrait – Simon Strauss

Simon Strauss

Simon Strauss

(1917 – 2010)

b. Wachenbuchen, Germany

Wartime Location: Prison in Frankfort, Germany; Buchenwald concentration camp, Germany; England; U.S.A.

“My mother tried to help get me out of Buchenwald. She had a tough time. She went to Hanover to try to get me out. My mother worried about me day and night. She had no education but she had good common sense. She and my grandmother had guts. G-U-T-S guts! You had to have connections and then you had only one chance to get out of the country. My employer, Ellis-Meyer, also did what they could. I was in Buchenwald for 13 weeks, then was able to get to England with their help.”

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