Individual Portrait – Sala Nakdimen

Sala Nakdimen

Sala Nakdimen

(1920 – 2009)

b. Rzeszow, Poland

Wartime Location: Hiding in multiple locations in Poland and Russia

“We heard that some people were smuggled, had found a place where the water was not deep across the river [Bug R.], and if people wanted to go to Russia, they were smuggled. We arranged with the Polish officers that we would go. We met the next day. We started to go, I pulled my skirt up, put my things that I had together, and the Germans screamed, “Stop!” Of course we didn’t stop but it was the longest 10 minutes of my life. I expected a bullet in my back any second. They kept screaming, “Stop!” but we kept going and crossed the river. Imagine! Then the Russians screamed, “Stop!” We panicked and just ran. We ran and ran and ran until we hit a little forest and it was quiet. It took us a little while to realize that no one was following us. We went to the address of some Communists. Such nice fellows.”

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