Individual Portrait – Paula Stern

Paula Stern

Paula Stern

(1922 – )

b. Arnstadt, Germany

Wartime Location: Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland ; Ravensbruck concentration camp, Germany

“During the last part of April 1945, smaller groups of inmates were sent to different camps in Germany. I left with the last group. We began marching in the afternoon and continued all night… Little by little, the SS disappeared and we also dropped out of sight in small groups. When we reached a village, I hid with 4 other prisoners in the empty chicken coop in the back of an abandoned farmhouse. By the following morning, the American Army had reached that village…It took me till the middle of June to get to my hometown [Arnstadt]…Here I received a letter with the most exciting news- it was from my husband who was well and staying in Bavaria. It took my husband till late August to reach me. He had been liberated by the American Army at the concentration camp Muhldorf.”

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