Individual Portrait – Miriam Lippman

Miriam Lippman

Miriam Lippman

(1928 – )

b. Krakow, Poland

Wartime Location: Exile in Siberia and Uzbekistan

“In Poland, after the war, I went to the university for one quarter and I belonged to a Zionist organization- kind of like Jewish Scouts…Pogroms started and after a long deliberation my parents decided to send me to Israel. All of the group was going- kids ranging from seven to eighteen. There was no legal way to get out of Poland. We went with guides a little older than us to what were called “green borders”- illegal borders- to leave the country. You drove by day and crossed the borders at night. We arrived in Salzburg, Austria where there was a displacement camp where all were planning to go to Israel. I was pretty involved in this- the movement and everything – and I was happy. But then Poland got quiet again. There were pogroms but they stopped. My parents wanted me back- I was their only child. I didn’t want to go back but my mother sent somebody for me and I didn’t want to come. Then I got a letter saying that my mom was very sick. So I decided to go back to Poland and I was very mad when I found her in good health! But I kept saying ‘I’m going back! I’m going back!”[to the displacement camp] so, my parents would go too. We decided to go to Israel.”

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