Individual Portrait – Lore Hirsch

Lore Hirsch

Lore Hirsch

(1924 – )

b. Cologne, Germany

Wartime Location:  Riga, Latvia ghetto; Kaiserwald concentration camp, Latvia; Stutthof concentration camp, Poland

“I went through many years of darkness and worries, which no doubt have left their mark. By a miracle, I was the only one of my nearest relatives who survived this ordeal of many years of slavery and so I am able to speak of the experience. It was hope and inner strength and will of survival plus physical fitness that helped me to overcome this terrible chapter in my young life. There is no compensation for this tragic time in life but I am pleased to say after many years of time, of worries and trouble, normal life has returned and I am able to tell you of a happy family which was built up over the many years that followed.”

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