Individual Portrait – Anna Shumskaya

Anna Shumskaya

Anna Shumskaya

(1929 – 2011)

b. Lubny, Ukraine

Wartime Location: Hiding in Ukraine and Poland

“After the war, people asked me, “How did you survive? Were you with the Nazis?” How could I be a Nazi? I was 12 to 14 years old and Jewish. In 1943, when Professor Blaustein was hiding and I stayed with him, the Nazis came with big dogs, specially trained dogs, and were looking around. Professor Blaustein was hiding outside near the building but they found him. They found three Jewish men and told them to go (they were taken). The Nazi soldiers went around to all the buildings and ordered people, “go!” but a soldier saw me, and didn’t tell me to go- a young SS soldier saw me but he said nothing. And I survived.”

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