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With your help, JFS is adding, growing and evolving client-centered services to meet the greatest challenges people in our community face.

Together, we make it possible for working families to access healthy food, for children who have experienced trauma to find support, for older adults to live out their lives with dignity, for people of all abilities to connect to community, and for refugees and immigrants to establish new lives and contribute to our region.

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Helping people take the step to stable housing.

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This past year, our JFS family helped…

From the Blog

Lessons from the Shofar: Unheard Voices 
When we hear the shofar this year, may we each hear the cries of those whose voices we’ve willfully or unknowingly ignored. …

Embracing Discomfort.
Some dismiss or even erase uncomfortable texts, but it is not the goal of Jewish education to help us feel comfortable. …

The Price of Freedom.
As much as we may want to believe it has been achieved, it is clear our freedom is still a work in progress and isn’t evenly distributed among all citizens.   …

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