Charter Members

A special heart-felt thank you to the 70 local women who had the foresight, commitment and compassion to come together on March, 1892 with the vision of “repairing the world” for nearly arrived immigrants…and thus, Jewish Family Service began its incomparable journey of providing hope, heart and help to those with needs here at home. With great appreciation to Mesdames:

A. Aronson S. Goldsmith L. Mayer
E. Aronson E. Goodman I. Monheimer
J. Berkman E. Gottstein E. Morgenstern
S. Blum M. Gottstein R. Muhell
J. Bornstein M. A. Gottstein E. Myers
F. Brown A. Hoeslick S. Newman
A. L. Cohn A. Horowitz E. C. Neufelder
E. Cohn J. L. Jaffe S. Pincus
E. P. Cohn L. Kaufman H. Preston
H. Cohn W. Kirske E. Rosenberg
J. J. Cole A. Kline S. Rosenberg
I. Cooper E. Korn B. Rosenthal
I. Davis I. Korn R. Rosenthal
S. Davis M. Korn S. Roth
F. Degginger N. Korn J. Schlenger
M. L. Degginger H. Lapworth L. Schoenfeld
H. Elster A. Levy I. Selig
S. Fein B. C. Levy S. Shapiro
A. Fortlouis L. Lesser P. Sinfgerman
S. Friedman I. J. Lewis F. Stenal
E. B. Friend E. Lobe R. Steinfeld
A. Fuhrman L. Mandelbaum A. Wilinski
L. Garfinkle D. Marks G. Winehall
L. E. Wolf