Individual Portrait – Nonna Zadanovski

Nonna Zadanovski

Nonna Zadanovski

(1934 – )


Wartime Location: Concentration Camp Pechora in Transnistria, Ukraine


“After I witnessed all these atrocities, I still live in a state of constant fear. I have panic attacks and worry about everything… Nevertheless, I think that G-d has always watched and still is watching after me. I had a lot of near death experiences: right before the war I almost drowned. Then, I was walking to bring my father lunch when a thunderstorm started and I stood under a tree. The tree caught on fire, but I survived. Then, I was in the concentration camp for three years, and I survived again. At the same time I can say that I never did anything wrong to anyone. I never caused anyone any trouble. I never lied.”

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