Individual Portrait – Kathy Weiss

Kathy Weiss

Kathy Weiss

(1930 – )

b. Mezőtúr, Hungary

Wartime Location: Strashof, Austria; Oberwaltersdorf, Austria; Bratislava, Hungary

“In the place we were working came a big, big high rank officer. We were working in a factory with cotton, doing something with cotton, and the people who used to work there- they were just like us- had already been transferred to Theresienstadt and they were gassed. Of course we didn’t know about that then but I heard that was the place where they wanted to take us because the work was done. Well, not because the work was done but because the Russians were coming on one side and the Americans were coming on the other side plus the French and the English. So, they wanted to eliminate us; they wanted no one alive to tell the story of what had happened to them. They took us at night so that none of the people in the houses and the street would see us and see what was happening to us. They were in a hurry. We had to leave with nothing, with only what we had on, and that looked kind of funny. But we just went, like animals. First they took the men out. Then they came for the women. And you know, I was just a skinny little thing and somehow I made myself hide. I didn’t hide in the room where they would find me but I somehow got into the kitchen. They weren’t cooking there anymore because they were transporting the people out. It was clean and there was nothing so I went under the sink and pulled the door in. I was overtired from not eating and slept. The next morning I looked outside. It was very quiet… I just had a feeling that I should not go with those young women and went underneath in the kitchen and I survived.”

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