Individual Portrait – Hansi Sternberg

Hansi Sternberg

Hansi Sternberg

(1924 – )
b. Antwerp, Belgium

Wartime Location: Hiding in Belgium and France, and escaped to Cuba

“In the suitcase they [German border patrol] found some papers that belonged to me. They were mostly recipes and knitting instructions with abbreviations. When they saw that they thought it was code and said I was a spy and couldn’t leave. The rest of the family could go. It took a long time explaining that I was only 15 years old and my hobby was cooking and knitting and the abbreviations were that way in most recipes and also knitting. Finally, they believed it but confiscated all the papers. Then we had to be searched…we had to strip so they could inspect all our clothing and to make sure nothing was strapped to us. Everything was okay after that and we left the German border. But by that time we were nervous wrecks.”

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