Individual Portrait – Celia Etkin

Celia Etkin

Celia Etkin

(1922 – 2009)

b. Sighet, Romania

Wartime Location: Buchenwald concentration camp, Germany; Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland; Hamburg & Braunschweig, Germany; Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Germany

“My faith is very strong… We had to stand in the morning. Every morning we had to stand outside to be counted by the Germans. If one person was missing they sounded the alarm and the noise was unbearable…There was an electric fence right where we were standing- about 30 feet high- I looked up, I said ‘G-d, there is no way out of here, you just have to help, you have to get us out of here. Moses took the Jews out of Egypt- you have to help us get out of here’. I believed it- that someday the day will come and, sure enough, that day came.”

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