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Artists Statement

Visions of Remembrance, Voices of Hope is a photographic documentary and oral history celebrating local area Holocaust survivors who are affiliated with Jewish Family Service of Seattle. These photographs and accompanying words are a testament not only to the prevailing spirit of these individuals but also to the compassion shown by the JFS community. In learning of these personal journeys, we are better able to grasp the atrocities of the past – to understand not only the trauma borne from the Holocaust but also the strength, the courage and the perseverance of the human spirit. By sharing their stories, these individuals have created the opportunity for something so much more – family. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to present this work, as a member of this caring community.

I wish to thank these survivors and their families for welcoming me into their homes. This project would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of Dick Rosenwald, Lani Scheman and Sarah Barash. Additional support for this project was made possible by the dedicated and generous staff of JFS, Alphagraphics, Glazer’s Camera and Frame Central.

Dara Rosenwasser, Photographer

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This project was a wonderful community collaboration with fully donated services of Dara Rosenwasser, Glazer’s Camera, Alphagraphics and Two Pollard Design. Many thanks to former Clinical Director Jane Relin and Geriatric Care Managers Sarah Barash and Lani Scheman. It would not have been possible without the additional support of Sheryl Begoun, Ellen Hendin, Emma Kent, Dick Rosenwald, Irina Vorona, Frame Central, Timothy J. Lorang, Image Media Partners and the survivors and their families who welcomed us into their homes:

Celia Etkin (z”l)
Lore Hirsch
Miriam Lippman
Tsilya Murshteyn
Sala Nakdimen (z”l)
Eleanor G. Rolfe
Ruth Samter
Anna Shumskaya (z”l)
Irene Steinberg
Klaus Stern
Paula Stern
Hansi Sternberg
Nonna Zadanovski (z”l) – Of Blessed Memory

Ongoing oversight of the JFS emergency assistance program for Holocaust survivors is provided by a local committee of first and second generation survivors who generously give their time and service.

Visions of Remembrance, Voices of Hope