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Food Bank Renovation Complete!

With construction now complete, the expanded JFS Polack Food Bank becomes only the third local food bank (out of 27) to offer the best practices model of "Consumer Choice," affording clients a higher level of dignity and respect in a less institutional environment. Previously, clients received two "pre-packed" bags. Now, however, each client actually shops, according to personal needs, for approximately 25 pounds of food including fresh produce, canned food, packaged grains, cooking oil and non-food items such as soap and toilet paper.

The stimulus funding has allowed Jewish Family Service to grow its neighborhood food bank to serve low income families and seniors of all backgrounds more thoroughly from Downtown Seattle to the Madison Valley. Additionally, the expansion will increase the capacity of JFS to store and deliver food by as much as 100%, reducing or elimi¬nating the current need for off-site ware¬housing and related transportation costs.

The JFS Polack Food Bank was last renovated in 1999, at which time 625 house¬holds were assisted monthly. Today, over 1,000 households each month access the Polack Food Bank. The demand continues to climb as neighbors have nowhere else to turn during these challenging times.

Last year, the Polack Food Bank distributed nearly 240,000 pounds of food; 50% of which was donated from Food Lifeline and Northwest Harvest. A City of Seattle Grant helps fund monthly Home Delivery of groceries by volunteers to nearly 400 frail elderly and adults with disabilities who are isolated, homebound and have nowhere else to turn.

As the need for food has increased dramatically in the community, so too has the need for the others services that JFS provides - in-home care, counseling, domestic violence advocacy, support for the developmentally disabled and mentally ill, family life education, services for people struggling with addiction, and so much more.

The JFS Polack Food Bank is one of 10 diverse social service programs of Jewish Family Service. Founded in 1892, Jewish Family Service delivers essential human services to alleviate suffering, sustain healthy relationships and support people in times of need.

As of March 7, 2010...Project Completed!

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