Who uses Polack Food Bank services?
The Polack Food Bank serves more than 1,300 households each month onsite and through its Home Delivery Program. Food Bank services are available to people in surrounding neighborhoods and anyone in the Puget Sound region’s Jewish community.

What if someone keeps kosher?
We always have kosher food available and offer monthly Kosher Food Bank events to meet the particular needs of Jewish individuals and families. Visit our calendar for more information.

What is the Food Sort?
The Food Sort is a one-day event at the end of our Community-Wide Food Drive. Hundreds of volunteers come to our donated warehouse space to help sort and organize all of the donations.

What items do you need for the Food Drive?
Non-perishable items, including canned goods, grains, pastas and proteins, like tuna and peanut butter. Please, no glass containers, opened packages or expired food. We are always in need of toiletries, especially diapers (sizes 3-5), toothpaste and shampoo. Visit the Food Drive page for more info.

Who should I contact for help planning a food collection?
Organizations planning their collection should contact Volunteer Services.

Do you also take monetary donations?
Yes! Give now and note “2017 Food Drive” in the comments section.

Are there other ways I can get involved?
Yes! Volunteers are needed to help us contact organizations, pick up donations, drop off and pick up donation boxes and bags, etc. Contact Volunteer Services.

Thank you in advance for your support!