Food Drive and Sort 2015

Food Drive

Our 2015 Food Drive officially begins with announcements at Rosh Hashanah - but it's never too early to get started and get organized! This community-wide event runs from September 14 - October 4, with our Food Sort Event taking place on October 4 at a donated warehouse. Your efforts and support are vital in addressing the hunger crisis here at home.

We hope that this year's Community-Wide Food Drive will raise at least a one month supply of the over 180 tons of food the Polack Food Bank will distribute this year. There are so many ways you can help -- collecting food from grocery stores, running a toothpaste collection at your office or cleaning out your cupboards.

The Food Sort is a great time to bring the food and toiletries you've collected and join others in sorting the goods! Please note, pre-registration is required. Each participant's ticket to enter is a bag of groceries for the Polack Food Bank AND your completed registration form, which will be sent to you at the time you pre-register.

To pre-register, contact Jane Deer-Hileman, Director of JFS Volunteer Services.

Let us know how your collection is going. Take pictures and post updates to Facebook and Twitter using #JFSsort. Remember to tag JFS Seattle.

The Food Drive officially ends October 4, but the Polack Food Bank welcomes your donations year-round.